Polish language course

– Individual or group classes

Polish language course

Polish language course as individual or company group – Polish language courses in numerous combinations for companies, organizations, associations and private. Polish language courses are customised in cooperation with the participant and the teacher. Polish courses can be constructed to suit your level, needs and areas of interests.

  • Polish language courses on all levels nationwide.
  • Job-related Polish course at your workplace.
  • Polish courses from beginner level to brush-up to negotiation level and stationing abroad.
  • Learn Polish when and where it suits you.
  • Our Polish language courses are based on greater understanding of culture and mentality.
  • We teach students at all levels and can tailor your Polish course to meet your needs and goals.
  • You can learn Polish from scratch or build on your current level.
  • You can target the course and choose to focus on written or oral Polish, Polish grammar, or a combination of the three

We customise your Polish language course

  • Our Polish language courses are not tied to standard textbooks and material.
  • We customise each course in dialogue with our students.
  • We can include teaching material that’s relevant to their subjects and jobs.

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