I cannot find any prices on your website:
We do not show the prices on our website. You should write or call us; we will then send you a completely non-binding offer that is tailored to your needs.

How do we proceed?
Once you have accepted our offer, we will send you an order confirmation. Our teacher will contact you to arrange a language test and agree the programme for lessons with you.

Which test do you use and how is it done?
We test online, by phone or Skype. When necessary, we test in a face to face meeting. We use the CEF scale (European Framework), which is recognised throughout Europe.

Can you guarantee a good course?
Yes, we can. A project leader is assigned to each course from start to finish. We conduct evaluations upon commencement and completion as well as 1-3 follow-ups during the course.

Do I lose my lessons if I am unable to participate?
You only lose your lessons if you fail to notify of any cancellation before the deadline.

What is the deadline for cancelling lessons?
This is stated in your order confirmation, but it is usually the previous day before 2.00 p.m.

What do I do if I want to take a break during a course?
You may of course take a break from lessons, provided you complete your course within 10-18 months, depending on the number of lessons you purchased.

Who teaches?
Our teachers are all natives of or have lived for an extended period in the relevant country and are therefore well-versed in the local culture and mentality.

Where do the lessons take place?
At your workplace, in your own home, at our facility in Middelfart or online via Skype, Zoom or Teams.

Will there be an additional cost for transport?
Any additional transport costs will be stated in your order confirmation. We do everything possible to find a teacher near you in order to avoid transport costs.

Can I pay per meeting?
No, this is not possible.

What course materials do you use?
We always tailor our course materials according to level, needs, and interests in a collaboration between the course participant and their teacher. We use the latest and up-to-date materials. Often course participants have their own special requirements, which may be job-related and involve specific work situations.

Do you issue a certificate upon completing the course?
Yes, we do. Start and completion grades are applied in accordance with the CEF scale.
(European Framework), which is recognized throughout Europe.

How often do I take lessons?
This is up to the individual and depends on how much time you have. However, 1-2 classes per week of 2-3 lessons is most common.

Is there any homework?
Our teachers always ask how much time you have for homework. It is up to the individual, but there will always be some preparation required.

How soon can I start?
From day to day or week to week. It depends on the particular language and your preferred days and times for the lessons.

I would like to join an ongoing group course.
We do not facilitate open groups, only closed company group and individual one-to-one lessons.

Should I pay VAT?
Private course participants are exempt from VAT, only company courses are subject to VAT.

I cannot find an evaluation form on your website.
No, we send it by mail on the last day of the course.

Do you also teach in the evening?
Yes, we teach when you are available.

Do you also teach abroad?
Yes, via Skype, Teams or Zoom.

Can I start with one-to-one lessons in Denmark and then continue my lessons via Skype in another country? Yes, of course you can. We also teach online via Skype, Zoom or Teams.