Danish language course for dyslexic people

Intensive classes for dyslexic employees

3-7% of Danish people are dyslexic and up to 20% of people have difficulties spelling or reading. There are dyslexic people in many workplaces. There are among accomplished leaders and well-known Danes, such as Bubber, Ghita Nørby, Omar Marzouk, Peter Lund Madsen and many more.

Most dyslexic people have learned to live with their dyslexia, but it can be difficult because workplaces increasingly require employees who can read and write quickly. There are varying degrees of dyslexia.

  • One-to-one tuition with teachers who are qualified to teach dyslexic students and who have many years of experience with teaching weak readers and dyslexic people.
  • Classes take place when and where it suits you. We can offer maximum flexibility when it comes to the course content and scheduling.
  • If necessary, we can also use IT tools such as apps for iPhones and Android smartphones.
  • Much of the teaching will be based on the texts you encounter in your daily life or at your job.
  • We will practise reading the texts as if we were at a fitness centre, only in this case it’s language we’ll be training.

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