“Jeg synes generelt, at det hele var tilfredsstillende, lige fra kursets faglige niveau, kursusmateriale, underviserens måde at planlægge kurset på og muligheden for at bruge det indlærte. Jeg er yderst tilfreds.”

– Annemette Nørrelykke Jessen, Clinical Application Specialist, MR


years experience

Why choose Lengua-Global?

Many years of teaching experience

We have 17 years of experience providing custom language courses for companies, organizations and private individuals. We offer numerous tailor-made language courses and have taught several thousand course participants from various industries.

An effective and exceptional concept

Most of our commercial customers are pressed for time, therefore we come out to the customers. We teach where and when it suits our customers. We can also arrange a combination of personal meetings and teaching through Skype, Zoom or Teams.

We are fully committed

It is a natural part of our work to be deeply committed to the needs of our course participants/customers. We are fully committed throughout the duration of each individual course from start to finish, and we always find the teacher who best suits the individual assignment.

Individual training:

You are alone with the teacher. You can participate on behalf of a company, an organisation, an association or as a private individual. The advantage of one-to-one training is that the process is completely customised to your competencies, needs and areas of interest. In cooperation with the teacher you can even coordinate your dates and times for lessons. For example, if you are away on business, have meetings or are ill, you can contact the teacher and move your lessons to another day or time. Individual training also affords you the possibility to continue your lessons through Skype when you are abroad.  Individual courses maximise your speaking time in class.

In-company groups:

Small groups of 2-4 participants. Participants are from the same company and have approximately the same level of proficiency. The advantage of a small in-company group is that it allows for role play and each of the participants can learn a lot from one another.  The participants can also practice what they have learnt in class with each other in the workplace. The downside of group lessons is that the speaking time per participant is less and that different wishes, needs and areas of interest should be taken into consideration.  On the other hand, the cost of the course is shared among several participants.

Tilfredse kunder